Reader: I'm Sure People Thought Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo Sounded Stupid, Too

Reader: I'm Sure People Thought Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo Sounded Stupid, Too
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Grandoozy, the massive music festival that Superfly is bringing to the Overland Park Golf Course in September, was drawing comments long before it adopted that name, which early reviews seem to agree is "stupid." (BTW, it's pronounced "grand doozy," not "grand oozy," as some wiseacres are sniping.) Golf enthusiasts and their allies have been grumping about the festival for more than a year, and now that it's been announced, a whole new wave has washed up to defend the green, the rough and all the rest. As Lou succinctly sums up the feeling of golfers:
Great, let’s fuck up a golf course for some shitty music!
Chris, frustrated by the upcoming festival as well as the temporary closure of the City Park Golf Course so that part of it can be turned into a stormwater drainage reservoir and the possible end of the Park Hill Golf Course, writes:
So Denver is going to lose three golf courses in a year. Nice job, Denver politicians.
But Daniel strikes back:
Golf course is a waste of that land anyway ????
And then there's that name, which is already growing on one reader. Says Jill: 
When I first heard the name Grandoozy, I thought it was stupid, but then, thinking of other music festivals, I'm sure people thought the names Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo sounded stupid, too, the first time they heard them. Once they're familiar, though, they sound okay.
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