Grateful Dead game coming this summer. Seriously.

You can chalk this one up to one of the stranger announcements we've seen in a while. It looks like Curious Sense, the development studio in North Carolina who made the REO Speedwagon game last year, will be bringing the Grateful Dead into the realm of the Beatles, 50 Cent, Journey and Soulja Boy with a new game based on the band. No, we're not kidding. No, you don't need to worry about it being a peripheral-heavy Guitar Hero expansion.

It might seem weird at first glance, but as any Deadhead will attest, the fans have been incredibly computer-savvy over the years, utilizing the likes of BBS and newsgroups to share bootleg recordings and to network with other fans. Plus, this isn't so much a cash-in as it is a labor of love; everyone involved in the project is pretty into what they're doing, and there are a lot of people involved.

Deadheads don't need to worry too much about the content; Curious Sense is working with both Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment to provide a variety of live footage, video, official recordings, photos and more. This isn't going to be a scrolling shiny-lights knock-off; it'll keep with the Dead's tradition and be a mobile, social experience.

From the sounds of it, it will be a Facebook click-fest where fans can explore imagined worlds of the GD lore, but it will also incorporate elements of alternate-reality games with real-world scavenger hunts (find and photograph a Dead sticker on a VW bus, for instance), Foursquare-style point systems for attending shows, naked hot tub parties and more.

There is one thing we know for certain. Deadheads love to share their stories, so as long as they incorporate a storyteller achievement of some kind, we're pretty certain this Johnny Mnemonic-style experience will be just fine. Look for the game on mobile phones, Facebook and on the official Grateful Dead website this summer.

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