Reader: What's Up With Lost Druid Priests on Metal Albums?

Green Druid
Green Druid Courtesy Alvino Salcedo, aka Pale With Decay
Metal has long fetishized pagan priests and their witchy rituals, and Green Druid's recently reissued album Ashen Blood is no exception. For readers who haven't warmed to the pagan iconography of so much metal, the symbolism seems a bit, well, antiquated, giving them a ripe opportunity to tease metal heads. Gregory writes:
Why do so many metal album covers look like a gaggle of Scottish priests got lost in the woods? There's roads all over. With signs. How are all you getting fucking lost?
Christy responds:
Old GPS, no signal, hoods covering their eyes.
Gregory quips back:
Well, no one's gonna give them a ride looking like that. They need to clean up and get some current technology.
All jokes aside, Westword is thrilled to cover the metal scene — even when it's obsessed with antiquated rites. Here are some of our recent stories about the genre.
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