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Gregory Alan Isakov gets distribution from Suburban Home

In a unique arrangement, Suburban Home Records has come to an agreement to do distribution and, through the Vinyl Collective sublabel, a vinyl release of Gregory Alan Isakov's self-released record This Empty Northern Hemisphere. Under terms of the deal, Suburban Home will handle distribution of the record and help make the vinyl a reality, while Isakov retains the right to sell it himself through his own channels, such as shows -- and he retains rights to the record itself, including the right to sign a deal with another label if a major comes knocking with a suitcase full of cash. As such, this is one of the most artist-friendly deals I've ever heard of a label making and having access to Suburban's considerable distribution channels -- built up over the labels storied fifteen-year history -- should help Isakov get heard by a larger audience.

Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home said the deal came about after Isakov was almost picked up by Side One Dummy records, after a recommendation from one of the guys from Flogging Molly, who's an Isakov fan. That led to Isakov's management reaching out to Suburban to help him get a vinyl pressing -- and more importantly, to the staff of Suburban falling in love with the music itself. Seeing that Isakov had most of the pieces in place apart from distribution, they decided to offer a hand. "It's a neat partnership," Dickerson says. "Because he's not on our label, but we have a lot of faith in what he does and we want to help get his music out there." After the jump, you can hear the record itself in its entirety via a streaming player.

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