Grizzly Rock grand opening this Saturday

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When Grizzly Rose owner Scott Durland took over the former After the Gold Rush space last year, he was originally hoping to open Grizzly Rock in its place by late last year. But it turned out the building was so far out of current codes, Durland says he basically had no idea what he was getting into because there was so much to do. After a few delays, the Grizzly Rock will finally celebrate its grand opening this Saturday, July 14, with No Doubt tribute band No Duh and Blondie tribute Blonde Day.

"We ended up taking the building from one of the worst in the city to one of the best in the city," says Durland. "But that was the only way we really could do it. We wanted to do two things: A, bring the building up to spec, and B, to change the image of that place compared to what has been in the recent past."

The outside of the building was completely redone, as was the stage, electrical and lighting. But Durland says they kept the lights in the ceiling that were there from the After the Gold Rush days, as well as making the entrance look like a mineshaft in homage to the former location. "We wanted to keep some cues from After the Gold Rush," he says, "because there's a lot of people in town who remember it and remember it fondly."

While the 1200-capacity Grizzly Rock is bringing in some '80s hard rock bands like Warrant, Skid Row and Cinderella in the near future, he says the venue will cater to other genres and also bring in a fair number of cover bands. There will be live music Wednesdays through Saturdays, with the bigger shows slated for Saturdays.

"My thing is that it's going to be run like a really fun bar that has good live music as opposed to what other venues do," Durland notes. "It's not going be like the Ogden Theatre. We're not going to do just concerts. We're going to base ourselves on good bar nights and just happen to have good bands out there at the same time."

Page down for more photos of the Grizzly Rock.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.