Guerilla Garden hosts "How to Make It in America" panel this Thursday

This Thursday, January 19, you can get up close and personal with some prominent local creative types who are assembling to chop it up about making it in the worlds of music, art and fashion. Fittingly titled "How to Make It in America," the panel, which features Guerilla Garden's founder Jolt (aka Jeremy Silas Ulibarri), producer and MC Deca and graf artist Ratha Sok, from RAWH Expressions Streetwear, is slated to take place from 5 to 7 p.m. at Guerilla Gardens (3821 Steele Street, Unit A) for $5. Page down for more details.

From Guerilla Garden:

The Guerilla Garden is one of Denver's most creative venues. It's a collaboration of artists working in various mediums: graffiti, fine-art painting, video, silkscreen, printmaking and sculpture. This is the space where big ideas are born...

Two years ago, Jeremy Silas Ulibarri [aka Jolt] founded the Guerilla Garden, and his mission statement was simple: to build a creative space where local artists could collaborate with other local artists. Jolt accomplished this exceedingly well, making the Guerilla Garden one of Denver's premier creative venues. He did this by leading a team of Denver's most talented young innovators.

Deca is a producer and MC who has had a large following in Denver since his first solo release, Top of the Line Bottom Feeder. He's been a heavy hitter in Life Crew, Denver's hip-hop community collective; he has also self-released three solo albums, has spent time in L.A., and is now performing monthly at Bowery Poetry Club in New York City, where he lives.

Ratha Sok is an entrepreneur and artist. His passions quickly developed into the desire to build and manage a successful business. It wasn't until his late teenage years that Ratha was given the tools to create and grow his own company. In a few short years, Ratha has become an entrepreneur who is unafraid to take those seemingly impossible leaps in his career. He has the ability to help people discover their passions and empowers them to follow their dreams; as a result, he has brought together a strong, well-rounded group of individuals that make up Rawh Expressions. Combining Ratha's artistry and set of marketing and interpersonal skills, Rawh Expressions has become an asset to the community at large.

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