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Halloween Was the Best Weekend for Live Music in Colorado

Colorado is a pretty great place to be a music fan. Denver has more music venues than Austin, and several of them are among the busiest in the world. People living here spend twice as much as the national average on music. The local scene is experiencing unprecedented success.

All this is to say that nearly every weekend is a good weekend for music in Colorado. And while it's hard to imagine that the best could be one where none of the legendary outdoor venues is active, that is exactly the case: Halloween weekend was the best one of the year for Colorado music.

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Our (again, plentiful) venues were full all weekend, which is great. Even better, though, was how many of them were filled by local bands: DeVotchKa sold out the spacious Boulder Theatre on Saturday. The Motet did it the night before (and the night before that) before coming down to Denver for yet another sold out show at the Ogden, which is the second-biggest club venue in town.

That's just the big stuff: hordes of costumed Coloradans crammed into pretty much every place with a stage, and the bands were very much prepared to show them a good time. You could barely fit in the Illegal Pete's on South Broadway to see the Gin Doctors, the annual Monsters of Rock show packed 3 Kings, Hot Congress held a remarkable showcase at the Skylark, etc. And that was just where I happened to be hanging out: There were similar scenes at Larimer Lounge and the Meadowlark and Cold Crush and all along Colfax and basically, again, every other place with a stage.

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There were plenty of notable out-of-towners who chose to spend All Hallow's Eve (and its environs) here, too, including the Halloween-iest band of them all, GWAR, which played at Summit Music Hall. Bob Dylan was in town on Saturday.

But they didn't just hit the usual path of big touring bands. There was something especially rewarding about the number of shows featuring national (or international) names at some of our distinctly Denver staples: Cold Cave deejayed Lipgloss, Jucifer played 7th Circle and so on.

So yes. You're welcome to debate this (please do, in fact), but our immediate, bird's eye assessment is that there's no better weekend to be a music fan in Colorado -- a place that is routinely a good place to be a music fan -- than Halloween. Or, put another way, since it is also without question a really inconvenient weekend to be a music fan given the hordes of people, Halloween weekend demonstrated the strength of Colorado's music scene better than any other.

Here's just a little evidence along with a few exemplary shots from our very busy photographers:

The Music of Halloween 2014 in Colorado -GWAR at Summit: Slideshow -The Motet's Mixtape 1975 at the Ogden: Slideshow -DeVotchKa at the Boulder Theatre: Review -Cold Cave at Lipgloss: Slideshow -Riff Raff at Coloween: Slideshow

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