Have few hundred free audiobooks to make your morning commute/summer roadtrip easier

Ah, audiobooks. That great modern invention that means even the busiest people can still enjoy a book here and there. Especially those of us that find ourselves stuck in cars for hours a day commuting. Too bad they're as expensive as real books -- even more so sometimes. If only there were some sort of free resource with hundreds of books we've always been meaning to read...

Maybe something like And before you start looking over your shoulder for Big Brother, these are free and legal, not some kind of piracy gig. It's a giant archive of public domain audiobooks, all organized neatly and visually for easy browsing, all free for the taking.

Now, since they're public domain works, these are mostly classics rather than hot bestsellers. And they're read by volunteers, rather than actors, so you're more likely to get some dude with a weird accent than Patrick Stewart's sonorous voice. Still, you have always wanted to read Moby Dick, right? And you're far more likely to get through it on your morning commute than any other way, right? And free is a good price, right?

And as a bonus, touring bands can now educate themselves in the classics (or at least the Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure stories) while they shuttle through Nebraska, rather than fighting over whether they're going to listen to Van Halen or Lady Gaga.

You're welcome.

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