Havok checks in from the studio

Ever wonder what a thrash band sounds like without all the screaming and the guitars, just drum and bass? Wonder no more. (Spoiler alert: It sounds about like what you'd think it sounds like.) Thanks to the, er, wonders of modern technology, you can see and hear for yourself. Local thrashers, Havok, just wrapping its tour with Malevolent Creation, offer us a peek inside the studio where Time Is Up, the follow-up to Burn, the act's Candlelight debut, was recorded.

In the above clip, witness timekeeper Pete Webber beating the ever loving crap out of his lime green, sparkle fade, Pearl Master MCX, while his counterpart, bassist Jesse De Los Santos, burns up the fretboard and frontman David Sanchez narrates from the backseat of a random car driving through Denver.

Talking up the new album (due out on Tuesday, March 29), Sanchez promises that it will not only be faster, heavier, more technical and way more catchy, but it will also -- quote -- kick you in your dicksack!, as he puts it. We've heard it, and, well, let's just say that it indeed left our, uh, dicksacks suitably bruised. Get a taste of "Scumbags In Disguise" below.

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