Havok's new "DOA" video and that one time the dudes drove drunk and ended up dead on arrival

Havok has done a great job of helping focus the metal world's spotlight on Denver, which, if you haven't noticed, has an incredibly vibrant metal scene. The bands come from all ends of the spectrum, from the extreme brutality of Collapse and Vale of Pnath (two of our current faves) to the cranium-rattling, textured onslaught of Kitezh and Adai, plus everything in between. And the one thing all these acts seem to have in common, besides prodigious playing, is thoughtfulness.

Havok, a band that we've watched grow from a group of precocious kids to a world-class thrash act, drives this point home with its latest video. The latest clip for the track "DOA," which premiered today on Metal Injection, was filmed at least partially at Moe's. The plot of the clip, which features the outfit performing in a salvage yard interspersed with shots of David Sanchez and company knocking 'em back, becomes immediately clear when Sanchez delivers the lines "Living too fast/Throw it away/No second chance/DOA."

It's then further cemented by scenes of the members stumbling to their cars and getting behind the wheel. The video ends with...well, if you haven't put it together yet, let's just say the culmination of the clip embodies the title of the song. Overall, a pretty decent video, and you've gotta give the dudes props for tackling subject matter that few other acts -- metal or otherwise -- have touched upon.

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