Hearsay bits: Free cassingle from Ideal Fathers, GLO VIP contest, more

Father's day: If you've been digging the new "Tokyo Gore Police"/"Guitari 2600" single from Ideal Fathers as much as we have, you're going to want to head down to the Meadowlark on February 6 for their next show. The band will be giving away handmade "cassingles" (that's a cassette single, in case you didn't live through the '80s") of the new release. If you'd like to own one of these unique little items, you'll probably want to get there early. They only made fifty of them and they're sure to go fast.

GLO stick: If you were planning on attending the GLO massive on January 23 and don't mind pimping out your MySpace profile with their flier, you could win VIP tickets. The event features well-known DJs and performers such as Steve Smooth and Frankie Bones and should be quite a night. To enter you'll need to visit promoter Phunk-E-Elements MySpace page for full instructions (basically, you'll need to paste an ad on your page).

Dot to dot: The inspiration for I Am the Dot's "Double Vision," available on the excellent, free Rare Creatures EP, has died. Tsutomu Yamaguchi was present at both of the atomic bomb drops on Japan at the end of World War II and survived to live to the ripe, old age of 93. You can read more about him here and, if you haven't already grabbed it, make sure to check out the song. It's a gem.

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