Hearsay Bits: Swollen Members tour bus munched, plus get all the 3OH!3 you Want today from Amazon.com for less than two bucks

Dismembered: We're guessing that Swollen Members tour manager BJ smith and the three other crew guys he was traveling with earlier this week are no doubt breathing easy today after surviving a freak accident in Colorado Springs that could've been fatal. Smith and company were in the Springs making their way to California when the group's tour bus got stuck on a section of railroad tracks and ended up getting smashed by an oncoming train.

Fortunately, Smith and his comrades had enough time to get off of the bus -- which caught fire shortly after impact -- and out of harm's way before the collision. According to KKTV, the wreckage took nearly five hours to clean up. The Canadian rap group, which just wrapped a tour, had returned home and wasn't on the bus, but the Members were understandably rattled nonetheless. "The spot where the train impacted was where we would have been sleeping if we had we been on the bus," Prevail told the National Post. "It's scary to think how fragile life can be when something like this happens."

Threesome: Just in time for this weekend's sold-out shows at the Fillmore and Fox Theatre, Amazon.com has made Want, 3OH!3's Photo Finish debut -- containing "Don't Trust Me," the breakout smash single that thrust the Boulder-based outfit into mainstream consciousness, as well as the original non-Katy Perry version of "Starstrukk" -- available for download for $1.99. Better get to clickin', though. Evidently, that bargain basement price is only good for today.

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