Hellfire Machina: Demon babes always win

Flier design doesn't have many proven rules, but there is one that is nearly irrefutable: cartoon demon babes are always a good idea. Toss in some fire effects, and it's next to impossible to resist the urge to stare longingly at our pick this week, which combines some simple lines with ridiculous fonts and delivers on all accounts.

What we like about Alert's flier design is the fact it sticks to the invisible rules of dance-flier design -- bright colors, too much information and a ridiculous logo -- but it does so in a way that feels fresh. This isn't a rehash of art from a '80s movie or a hyper-streamlined design-orgy of fancy-pants aerodynamic fonts: It's a cool picture with a rad death-dub logo. Yeah, we're pretty sure we invented the genre there, but you get the point.

If death-dub doesn't exist, it should, especially when you check out the lineup on display here. There's a reason the demon chick looks like she's going to eat your heart and shit out a fat bass-line. Death-dub, as it were, could be the electronic equivalent of SunnO))), where deep bass lines cause the listener to spawn a doppelgänger with glowing red eyes who likes to eat people who enjoy iPod headphones. At the very least, it'll be able to do the job that your laxative of choice can't.

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