Help us design the perfect road trip playlist

Okay, pretend we're taking a road trip together. (Yes, we know this is unlikely what with gas prices being the way the are now all all, not to mention, we'd need a troop transport or something to chauffeur us -- but work with us here, will ya?) What tunes would make for an ultimate road trip playlist? If you were helping assemble the soundtrack, what would be on there? Here's the first five songs we came up with.

5. Free Falling - Tom Petty We all know the scene: Tom Cruise scanning the channels of the radio in a desperate search for the perfect song to celebrate his small, insignificant victory and BOOM! "Free Falling" comes on the radio and Cruise is inspired to sing as loud and badly as human possible. This could and should be you. There's just something amazing about this road trip anthem. This song makes us feel like anything is possible, no matter what mistakes we make, risks we take or how many hearts we break. Turn it up!

4. Little Red Corvette - Prince You'll find yourself pushing just a little harder on the gas pedal when this classic comes on. We've found that it's a good nighttime jam to keep you awake and inspire your special lady friend to start dancing in the passenger seat. There's just something implicitly dirty about Prince's music, and this one makes us all feel just a little more dangerous and sexy. It doesn't matter what you're driving -- your Chevy Citation can rock this song just as hard as a little red corvette. It's all about the way you use it, friends.

3. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen Your road trip cannot be complete without a little Springsteen, and nothing screams America quite like Bruce does. "Born to Run" is the perfect song to accompany a move across country. It gives you the sense that your dreams will in fact be guarded and that anything is possible if you and your new love of six months just stick together. If you're second guessing your choice to move or drop out of college, stick this song in, roll the windows down, dive into the open road and let Bruce reassure you. The Boss is on the job.

2. Ramblin' Man - The Allman Brothers This 1973 song is said to have been inspired by Hank Williams, and it's perfect for some righteously spectacular air-guitar playing by the passengers in your ride. We're also fairly certain that you need some sort of mustache to rock this jam out with your windows rolled down, so prepare yourself. We are kind of in love with any song that justifies douchebagery by proclaiming you can't help your behavior because you were "born a ramblin' man." Makes sense to us.

1. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves Need a pick me up on an early morning drive? We're hard-pressed to find a more upbeat song that can make us smile like "Walking On Sunshine" does. If your road trip is getting a little boring, the food has run low, and the would-you-rather game has gone into "family" territory -- it's definitely time to throw this baby on and start taking some pictures of your friends. If you're alone, snap some of yourself and the scary truckers you pass because IT'S TIME TO FEEL GOOD! HEY!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.