Here are my top five workout songs. What are yours?

All right, so my sister's getting hitched this fall and so I've decided to trim down a little. Since I'm in the wedding, I figured I don't want to look like a big guy in the, uh, little coat when everybody breaks out the cameras, if you know what I'm saying. (Well, that, and I'm sort of tired of being a useless piece of chain-smoking gristle that drinks beers and shoves anything fried into his gullet. Neck fat, yo!) That said, two weeks ago, I started working out in earnest (no, really!) and have made wholesale changes to my lifestyle -- no more red meat, nothing fried, eating six times a day, drinking my body weight in water, beers only once a week, ditto smoking. It's working. I've dropped ten pounds already. (Yay me!) Anyhow, I've since been on a mission to craft the best workout playlist (all local, of course). I'm looking for at least 90 mins worth of music, stuff that will keep the heart pounding and the blood pumping. And so far, I've come up with a pretty great list. Check out my top five picks after the jump, and then feel free to weigh in with some picks of your own.

Top 5 Workout Songs

1. Machine Gun Blues - "We Fucked It All Up"
2. Havok - "Afterburner"
3. The Natural Selection - "Down Elevator"
4. The Photo Atlas - "Merit"
5. The Pirate Signal - "Go!"

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