Here's What a Dance Party for Grownups Looks Like

There are dance clubs that host dance parties all the time — every weekend night. Those are great. Some of them do that really well, to the point that an entire culture develops around those nights, those parties. People wait in long lines in the freezing cold in very few clothes in order to participate in that culture. 

But there comes a point, for some people, at least, where that whole scene seems exhausting. Where what you really want to do is wear the (nice) clothes that make you feel comfortable and go to a place where you don't have to actively commit to a hangover. Nowhere does that level of comfort and support of discourse better than Syntax Physic Opera. And Mile High Soul Club is the perfect fit — an evening of the most perfect music ever made in a place where they display thought-provoking quotes on the TV above the bar. 

Danielle Lirette was there for a recent installment — she brings you this highly persuasive set of photos. A few highlights are here: 

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