Hey Champ offer up dolphin boobs, glowing eyes and other strangeness

Today's video conjures the halycon days of '80s MTV, when bands would pair their slick, irresistible synth-pop masterpieces with heady, high-concept videos. It was a time that gave us timeless classics like a-ha's animated masterpiece for "Take on Me," and its spirit has returned with Hey Champ's "Neverest" video.

But this is the Internet age, so Hey Champ had to take that idea, turn it up to eleven and bathe it in some sort of ionizing cosmic radiation to up the weirdness quotient enough to turn heads. Luckily, the outfit has succeeded. "Neverest" will show you things you have never seen before, unless you have access to far better/worse drugs than we've ever even dreamed of. And it will do it all to the tune of a catchy synth-pop throwback you'll have stuck in your head for hours!

We don't want to spoil the surprises too much, so let us just say it may be mildly NSFW if your work frowns on nipple-less boobs that turn into glowing-eyed dolphin heads. Otherwise, by all means continue...

[Via io9]

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