Hey, DJ! Q&A with DJ Walt White, aka CTRL-WALT-DEL

Every Friday we spotlight the hottest cats (and kittens) behind the decks in the MHC, grilling them to gain some insight on what it takes, exactly, to get the party rocking, to find out about their most treasured crate digging experiences and what they really think when we stumble up to them half cocked and ask them to play that new song by such and such -- you know, the one that goes...

This week: DJ Walt White, aka CTRL-WALT-DEL. A former pro bike racer and computer geek turned DJ, White is a Triad Dragon resident who oversees the stage logistics for all of that crew's events, and who also won Westword's Ultra Music contest back in 2008 and got to spin at WMC that year. This Wednesday night, White is kicking off a new night, Girl Pop at Abo's Circle in Boulder, where you can also catch him tomorrow night.

Name: DJ Walt White, aka CTRL-WALT-DEL

Club night(s): Wednesday - Abo's Circle (Boulder), Thursday - Bar M, Friday - Robusto Room & Delite, Saturday - Abo's Circle, Any Triad Dragons Event (Triad Resident DJ)

Style(s) of music you spin: "Electro Hip House" is my style of choice, but I play what the venue management asks me too ... That's my job.

So what's your story, in 100 words or less? Former Professional bike racer and computer geek turned DJ eight years ago. I was the first DJ in the USA performing with digital vinyl technology (Final Scratch) in 2002. I am a Triad Dragon Resident DJ, and am also the Triad problem solver, controlling stage logistics and other functions at all of the major music festivals including Caffeine, Electric Daisy Carnival, Skylab and of course Global Dance Festival. I won the Westword Ultra Music Festival contest in 2008 and was sent to Miami to play at the WMC. I'm most recognized for my ability to play any music format and using the most advanced DJ equipment on the market.

Name of a track you can't get out of your head: Unfortunately.....Ke$ha -Tik Tok ( I hate that song, make it stop!)

Name of the artists you're currently championing in your DJ sets: Wolfgang Gartner, Klass, Danny Diggz

Best club experience in another country? I went into a normal pop club in a medium sized town in Spain when I was a professional bicycle racer back in the '90s ... and the dance floor was bizarre. The guys were all dancing in group circle of eight or so friends ... and the girls were doing the same in their own circle. There were hardly any couples dancing. It was like the Twilight Zone ... but my Spanish friends said it was very typical of the clubs there.

Musical mantra: I play for the crowd, not myself.

Favorite DJ experience: The Asylum, Honolulu. Amazing afterhours venue, great people, sick music, perfect vibe.

Worst request: Cupid Shuffle from eleven different people at Lodo's South the first night of my residency.

Worst club faux pas you've committed: I was switching DJ booths in the middle of my set at Level Night Club, and the club's promo CD I played during the transition went to the next song before I began playing in the other booth, and it started blasting country music in the club. Don't get me wrong, country music sings to the heart, problem is that it has to go through the ears to get there.

Most treasured vinyl score: I've never owned a vinyl record other than my Traktor Time Code Platters. (ouch!)

What other music-related projects are you currently working on? 1) Bass Crooks: We have a unique sound incorporating pop, hip-hop, electro and old school. It is truly ahead of the curve. We perform with traditional vinyl, as well as cutting edge digital controller and customized music to provide a performance unlike any you have ever seen before.

2) Taste Wax: My live jazz Infused house group with a live drummer, a guitar player, a baritone sax and an alto sax player playing with myself djing the best Jazzy House in Denver.

3) Amplified Sounds: My mobile DJ company that handles everything from Weddings to Proms and everything in between.

What's something happening in the local music scene that should be getting more attention? Bass Crooks is where it's at. I think it's going to be huge.

What elements would your fantasy "Night Club" entail? Friendly customers, trust-worthy promoters and owners that care about their employees. OH... and a DJ booth with equipment that works every time I play.

Question we didn't ask you but you often ask yourself: When are the radio stations in Denver going to stop controlling our DJ playlists?

Next time we can see you spin: Saturday: Abo's Circle, Boulder; Wednesday: Abo's Circle, Boulder for their new Girl Pop night (Launches this week); Caffeine

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