Hey, Westword Music Readers! Our Commenting System Has Changed

Hey, Westword readers. You love commenting on our stories, and we love reading what you have to say — the bad and the good. Late yesterday, we changed the way you can comment online: We're be using Facebook comments for the foreseeable future.

The bad news: all of your previous comments have disappeared for now (we've archived them and hope to restore them). The good news: Facebook makes it easier to have your say on our website, and most of you are already familiar with how it works. If you don't already have an account, it's easy to get one at Facebook.com. This system doesn't allow people to leave anonymous comments, but we hope this will improve the quality of the conversation around our articles, not detract from it. It's possible there will still be trolls, but the new system will reduce the amount of that.

Other things to know: 

We will not be tracking top commenters and awarding Livefyre badges anymore, but commenters can earn the status of "top commenter" in the Facebook comments platform based on the amount of likes on and replies to their comments.

Commenters will still have the ability to respond directly to each other, reply in a thread and like or follow their fellow commenters' posts.

If you experience issues, contact our web team.

Thanks, and happy commenting.

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