Hipster hate parade continues with a brilliant skewering from Joshua Trinidad

The Internet hate parade on hipsters marches on, and man, is it ever hilarious. Just the other day we were bringing you hipster-hatred lulz from the UK and today we get something just as clever from our own backyard. Joshua Trinidad (Astrophagus/Cougar Legs) has delivered an animated short that takes aim at our homegrown cooler-than-thou scene with devastating accuracy.

Some of the targets in this piece include: Sputnik/hi-dive, Mac fanboys, the hygienically challenged hipster (you know who you are -- take a fucking bath, already!) and even us. There are plenty more references to be found in there, too, but we're disappointed to report DenverScener is not mentioned (probably not as disappointed as he is, though).

Thanks to Trinidad for laying it out like this, and thanks to the Internet for bestowing such gifts upon us all. Oh, Internet, your wisdom is as inexhaustible as your hatred of the terminally hip...

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