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The members of Cabaret Diosa, Thursday, September 25, at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, have been celebrating the release of their second disc, Voodoo Piñata, since early summer, and there are no signs that they'll be letting up anytime soon. The nine-piece ensemble, led by vocalists Montana del Fuego and Juan del Queso in all their charismatic, campy splendor, has toured both coasts extensively, but the group is keeping its "hi-fi Latin exotica" shtick in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins between now and Halloween. Señor del Queso's hilarious between-mambo banter pokes fun at just about all the major Latin lovers even as it celebrates them. He and the lovely del Fuego can even make a limbo contest fun to watch. Though musicality doesn't take center stage at Cabaret Diosa shows, they are nada if not entertaining. Besides, the players' mission is really to make you rumba, cha cha, merengue or mambo. And at their urging, you might want to forget that sample sentence from elementary Spanish: "Los muchachos no bailan en la fiesta." -- Thomas Peake
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