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DJs Kurt "Big K" Ohlen and Tim "Dog Boy" Wieser, Saturday, October 9, at 9th Avenue West, will spin tunes as part of "The Death of Swing," an evening dedicated to what the club owners perceive as the fad's passing into hype heaven. The club will cease to host its regular swing events after Saturday, and the dance craze will exit the club in style. Expect a bunch of wingtip-wearin', greased-hair sportin', aerial-jump doin' hipsters to lindy hop the night away while Ohlen and Wieser play audience requests into the wee hours. The club will host a dance class at 9 p.m. for seasoned dancers and novices alike, though a dance contest will determine just who the real swing kids are. Those who just want to come along and pay their final respects should find much to enjoy in the music itself. Ashes to ashes. -- Laura Bond
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