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Linda Maich, Saturday, October 30, at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center, is a world traveler. In fact, her residences in London and Paris might help explain the global reach of this Denver-born singer, songwriter and painter. It's a quality captured on the brand-new Magic of the Heart, her second CD. Maich's territory includes originals with a subtle bossa nova flair, jazz classics (Mingus en FranÇais), very easy-listening American songs like "Moon River," African traditional chants and more folk-rooted vocal treats for the mellifluously minded. At this free performance, Maich's full-bodied, resonant voice will be backed by a trio that includes percussionist Ed Contreras, acoustic bassist Drew Merrell and guitarist Paul Musso. "I love to sing in different languages," says Maich. "I love that connection to the world." The show will no doubt mark the only time and place to appreciate the connections between the French version of the standard "Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)" and the Swahili of "Malaika," a traditional popularized by Miriam Makeba. -- Thomas Peake
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