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Chupacabra, Sunday, December 12, at the Foundry, is a ten-person band that shares little with the mythical goat-blood-sucking beast of Mexican folklore. Instead, the band aims to represent as many countries as it has members, if not more, with its danceable blend of jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and other world and funk styles where rhythm and percussion are as prominent a part of things as melody and a solid, enigmatic frontperson. Sunny Michelson provides the latter, while her bandmates handle everything from keyboards, sax and violin to timbales, marimba and horns. A Chupacabra show might be characterized as a cross-cultural jam-a-thon in which audiences not only are encouraged to dance, but where dancing is an involuntary response to the groove of the music. Sunday's performance is a benefit hosted by Boulder resident Laura Till, who hopes to raise money for medical bills her mother has incurred since being diagnosed with breast cancer. Good band, good cause, good workout. -- Laura Bond
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