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Hoitoitoi, with Mono and Asphyxia, Friday, December 17, at Seven South, is the latest project from former Denver Gentleman/16 Horsepower alum Jeffrey-Paul, who has seasonally rechristened himself Holiday. With cellist Rebecca Verist, who sometimes contributes her skills on the large stringed instrument to Munly's performances, Holiday has endeavored to create a collaborative, largely Internet-based art band that should appeal to the voyeur -- as well as the lover of non-organically generated, darkly grooving "sex music," as he describes it. The band's Web site ( allows visitors to view Vera and Holiday's adventures in lo-fi -- snippets of rehearsal footage shot on the altogether non-high-tech Pixelvision -- and to make their own electronic offerings via e-mail. Those who pique the pair's interest are either invited to participate in a live rehearsal or are simply allowed to view more of the footage. Local drummer Mark McCoin will contribute live percussion to Friday's event, an evening that promises lots of beautiful noise and, if we're lucky, even some fire-breathing vixens. -- Laura Bond
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