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Blister 66, with Sick, Twitch and Dropsound, will headline the first-ever White Trash Christmas at the Bluebird Theater on Thursday, December 23. But this is one holiday party that Mr. Claus might just sail right over, as it's more than likely that the boys in these bands have been a little naughty during the past year. Though the evening doesn't promise any special party favors or snack treats like fried pig skins or spray-on cheese to go with the hops and barley, the performers are sure to do everything in their power to make the evening as devoid of class and manners as possible. The hardcore/rap fusionists in Blister 66 will offer their own funkified interpretation of the Christmas carol, while the post-grunge aggressions of Sick will probably be just that. Whatever your preference, it's sure to be more fun than watching the monster-truck rally from the comforts of your own trailer park. Now all the evening needs is a good old-fashioned Springer-style chair-throwing fight, a couple of mullets and some underage gals named Crystal to truly live up to its name. -- Laura Bond
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