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Wojo, Friday, January 21, at Nick's, plays rock-fortified funk that could get even the geriatric booty of Barney Miller stalwart Abe Vigoda shaking like a Turkish fault line. Formed in 1993 by guitarist/vocalist Jake Cameron, bassist Paul Kirby and brothers Randy and Greg Morgan, who handle guitars and drums, respectively, the combo out-grooves the refried hippie fare dished out by many of its Front Range counterparts, thanks mainly to a spirit of adventure that Wojo's members apply not just to their music, but to their lives. In late 1998 the group spent more than two months living and recording in the mountain hamlet of Patzquaro, Mexico; south-of-the-border influences can be heard on a six-song CD that will be available at this performance, as well as at area record stores. Additional changes in the band's style come from sources closer to home: Last year Wojo added three new members to its lineup -- saxophonist Justin Perkins, singer Joe Hoverstock and electronic percussionist Kraig Deleoni, all of whom originally played in a Cameron side project called the Alpha Block. The result is a musical mélange that meanders between mid-tempo smooch pop and three-alarm throwdowns that owe as much to Metallica as they do to mariachis. ¡Olé! -- John Jesitus
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