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The fifth annual Artopia, Saturday, February 19, at the Temple Events Center, promises an evening of tribalism, trance music and extraterrestrial art under tents. This year's fete is hosted by Westword, and the rulers of Artopia seem as intent on summoning alien craft as they are on showcasing some fine musicians and visual artists. Spread over three different performance and art spaces, the event will feature exhibitions of artwork for competition and sale and musical sets from DJs Ms. Audry and Ty-Kek and the Ryan Tracy Band, as well as the Japanese drumming ensemble One World Taiko and the salsa sounds of Miami's Tropical Dreams. Patrons will also have the opportunity to view artists as they create works in live painting sessions, and models with ornamented flesh will strut a runway during a body-painting fashion show, where alien motifs will serve as the hallmarks of style. But Cuba, Japan and outer space aren't the only realms to be celebrated in the cultural orgy -- the dusty Arizona desert will also be represented when the Peacemakers (above), a campy country outfit pairing ex-members of the Gin Blossoms, the Refreshments and Dead Hot Workshop, close the night with a live set. If only life reflected this kind of art more often. -- Laura Bond
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