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Jack Wright, Boulder's outermost jazz saxophonist, welcomes itinerant reedman Bhob Rainey to St. Paul's United Methodist Church, 1615 Ogden Street, on Thursday, February 24, for a duo performance of extreme-sport improvisation that might make bungee-jumping seem safe by comparison. A soprano specialist, Rainey has played with John Zorn, Joe McPhee, Pauline Oliveros and many others. And though Wright ("Wright on Track," January 29, 1998) is known for his vigor as a soloist, past collaborations suggest an evening of quiet tangents and impulsive exploration. Vehement advocates of their craft, Rainey and Wright's often un-musical evocations challenge audiences' assumptions and reward active listening. And if using a beer can or what appears to be an oversized pipe cleaner as a mute seems odd, consider the personal dynamic at work: "I've been influenced by Bhob, thirty years younger than I," explains Wright. "[He] has a fascinating approach to the instrument -- microtonal and very precise. He makes cool sound hot." This concert marks the beginning of Wright and Rainey's tour of the western United States. -- Thomas Peake
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