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Uversa, with Neil Haversticks Space Music, Thursday, May 25, at the Lions Lair, is the ethereal, guitar-driven project of composer TJ Edwards -- who seems as comfortable strumming a classical acoustic guitar as he is generating some crunchy electric noise. Edwardss debut CD, Uversa, is an effervescent, eclectic mix that includes instrumental gypsy- and classical-Spanish-flavored sounds aided by a lively percussion section, as well as free-jazz numbers guided by the searing saxophone of local blower Bret Sexton. Edwards is a player with a penchant for improvisation, a quality that comes through on the recording and should only be heightened in a live setting. This is music that defies an easy label; its not strictly jazz, rock or space music. Rather, its something that requires a more careful ear and an openness to sounds that are unusual -- and universal.
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Chris Decker