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8 Bucks Experiment, with Hate Fuck Trio, King Rat and Uphollow, Friday, June 9, at the Raven, celebrates the release of Payback, its second full-length recording, with a quadruple bill that packs a punk-rock punch. The band, which includes the brothers OMeara (songwriter/guitarist Paige, drummer Alfred and singer Evan) and bassist Joel Kline, began its life with an expressionist, chaotic take on hardcore and punk -- prone to playing with time signatures and melodies in a way that was both intriguing and, at times, difficult to take. These days the band has settled into a more straightforward approach that nonetheless still displays the creativity -- and reaches the decibel levels -- of its formative years; the new album is a more refined variation on the sounds broached on Cockstocking, the Experiments first full-length, released in 1998. Fridays all-ages show is a chance to hear the new material in a live setting, an offer sweetened by the addition of local heavyweights Hate Fuck Trio and King Rat. The show also marks the return of local eclecticists Uphollow, who have been effectively MIA since early 1999.
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