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The Geds, Friday, January 5, at the 15th Street Tavern with the Jealous X Lovers and Karol, set the curve for proficient, back-to-basics R-A-W-K with an enduringly simple but effective equation: slam out three tough chords for ninety seconds and repeat. Always repeat. For Spell graduates Chanin Floyd and Tim Beckman, this proven formula (as easy as ditching class and twice as fun) is something of a departure from their glossier Island Record days with ex-Fluid drummer and Seattle emigrant Garrett Shavlik. But that's a good thing, dropouts. There's a lot to be said for just plugging in and letting it rip (though any longwinded appraisals would undermine such an effect). Suffice it to say they're the shit: tight, energetic and blissfully to the point. Former LaDonna's hide-beater Dan Gilbertson rounds out the trio's noisy sound with a garage aesthetic that's positively punky dory. Four out of five cheerleaders agree: G!E!D!S! G!E!D!S! Gooo, GEDS!
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John La Briola