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Ever wonder about the music that's used to weave together segments on programs like National Public Radio's Morning Edition? Local acoustic guitarist and songwriter Lynn Patrick, Friday, February 16, at the Chautauqua Community House, Boulder, has supplied some of these sonic beds of late: Selections from her self-produced instrumental recording, Winnie's Guitar, have recently begun popping up on NPR, as well as on adult-contemporary and light-jazz stations around the country. For those who've watched Patrick's career develop in front of audiences along the Front Range -- she's long been a staple of local arts-and-music festivals, as well as a regular opening act for touring singer-songwriter types -- her discovery by listeners outside Colorado should come as no surprise. Patrick plays acoustic music of the brightest sort. She's a gifted guitarist with a knack for guiding listeners on a spirited, spindly journey through country, jazz and folk terrain. In Patrick's hands, all that plucking, picking and strumming seems almost effortless. It isn't, of course. But her emphasis on creating a sensory aural experience, rather than a showy exhibition of skill, is part of what defines her fine approach to songcraft.
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Laura Bond
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