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Hit Pick

If your punk-rock gauge reads "empty," fill up your tank with Regular at the 15th Street Tavern, Friday, February 23. Dishing out inferno-style punk driven by thermonuclear riffs and wanton energy, Regular is a family affair: Singer/guitarist Miguel Lopez jammed with his brother -- Regular drummer Manuel -- for nearly seven years before their sister, Nicole, came on board with bass in hand in 1999. (There is also a rumor that the volatile trio were "grown in a test tube -- genetically engineered to rock and roll!") On some nights, you might also catch Jeffrey Marshall, a frequent -- and armless -- cohort of Regular, playing a second bass with his feet, something he does quite well. Both Miguel and Manuel are former members of the Colorado Junior Symphony, but don't expect much in the way of classical here. This is lean, mean, high-octane rock.
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Eric Peterson