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Jive, Friday, April 20, and Saturday, April 21, at the Fox Theatre, with DJ Ivy and the All Mighty Senators, has had a hell of a run since founding members Dave Henry and Lance Smith first started getting together for guitar jams two years ago. Later this month, the band will make its second jaunt to the revered Jazz Fest in New Orleans, where the players will toot their horn, slap their bass and get into their distinctive groove alongside some of the country's finest artists (as well as fellow Boulder locals, Cabaret Diosa and the Motet). This weekend's twin performances mark the release of the band's first CD, an instrumental, good-timey affair that evokes the smooth modernity of acid jazz while bowing to bop greats like John Coltrane and Dexter Gordon. The saxophone-heavy album, which features exciting guest appearances from DJ Ivy and Boston-based Hammond B-3 organist Dan Berkson, positively sings; with songs that often skirt the ten-minute mark, Jive's music seems born of the spirited improvisation that is jazz's hallmark, rather than aimless or showy instrumentalism. This is music that's suited for dancing, to be sure, but it's equally deserving of a more attentive listen. Neo-jazz fans, prepare to get your Jive on.
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