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Back in 1992, when Denver's Nebula 9 made its live debut at A Nightmare on Blake Street, an after-hours event housed in the old 23rd Parish Space, the whole audiovisual package was so fabulous that party patrons assumed the unit was from out of state. Nine years later, LoDo's Bash (also on Blake Street) is throwing a CD-release party for Live From My Sampler V2, Nebula 9's new full-length studio effort; the party is slated for Wednesday, May 23. The ten tracks assembled by 9 producer Jim Stout aim squarely for the consumer heart of the trance nation, the one that sprang out of nowhere in 2000. Nods are also given to delicate techno-electro on "How Ya Feelin'" and down-tempo funk on "Beverly Hills Bounce." While the composition titles ("Dream Scape," "Cybered") need a bit of a tuneup, Stout's beat programming and synth wipeouts are really starting to attain a national-grade signature. His knob-twiddling skills have earned him work assignments and mixing props from artists including Sandra Collins, LePimp, Joi Cardwell and DJs Keoki and Hardware. And his nomination for the Best Producer category at Colorado's third annual Electronic Music Awards (to be held May 25 at the Gothic Theatre) demonstrates that he's secured more than a bit of respect in his hometown as well. Clubbing neophytes and raver legends alike should be in attendance at this event.
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Kelly Lemieux