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The members of The Emmas (pictured), Orbit Service, Double-Barrelled Slingshots and The Barrys must have heard the new-age theory that when you die, your time on earth is judged by how well you treated the furry creatures you shared it with. On Saturday, May 26, at 7 p.m., they'll all participate in a charity benefit for the MaxFund no-kill animal shelter that's co-sponsored and hosted by Camp Bow Wow, a pet-supply store at 1545 South Broadway. Besides being a good cause, the benefit has a lineup that's something to yap about: Orbit Service's experimental, slightly ambient style is an interesting match for the Slingshots' growling punk. The Emmas and The Barrys both offer left-of-center pop that can be as catchy as a bad case of the fleas. In addition to an appetite for eclectic music, attendees are encouraged to bring their spayed/neutered dogs. But don't forget the leash -- organizers prefer that the music be the event's only wild element. Ruff!
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