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Howard Booker Bridges III, with Chronophonic, En tu Oblivion and Clockworked, Wednesday, July 11, at the Soiled Dove, first became familiar to local audiences as a member of 11th Hour, Askimbo and Catalyst. But the decision to branch out as a solo artist has provided the most illuminating platform for his many talents. On his latest solo recording, Grand African Tree, Bridges handles guitar, percussive and vocal duties, often harmonizing with himself on smooth, worldly melodies. Tree is an atmospheric effort that relies heavily on African-style hand drums and acoustic guitars, occasionally indulging more theatrical and exotic elements like spoken word segments and a looping didgeridoo. Booker's material is enhanced in a live setting by the presence of his artwork -- he's a painter, as well -- and handmade props designed to "turn the aural energy into a physical energy." It's a lofty goal, to be sure, but one that Bridges currently seems inspired enough to attain.
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