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Elea Plotkin, Wednesday, August 22, at the Soiled Dove, plucks a piano rather than a guitar as her primary instrument, exchanging the strum-strum sound associated with singer-songwriters for a cleaner, bluesy feel. On Plotkin's second album, Little Rockets, slated for release this week, she tries her tinkling hand at a variety of styles, never veering far from a rock-and-roll center. There are emotive ballads, wherein Plotkin demonstrates an impressive upper-register range, as well as down-and-dirty numbers that address everything from the challenges of womanhood ("Just a Girl") to the temptations of the other sex ("Dangerous Man"). Plotkin is backed on the effort by a host of local players in an effort that should find favor with fans of Vonda Shepard, Carly Simon and other earthy female vocalists who aren't afraid to let loose and get scrappy, just like the boys.
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