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Chris Daniels & the Kings will feel right at home when they perform at Swallow Hill on Friday, September 14. Daniels recently stepped down as director of the revered acoustic-music outfit, a position he held for nearly five years. The room he'll be playing -- Daniels Hall -- sports his family name, too, both for Chris's efforts as director and the financial support his family has shown Swallow Hill. But despite the help that the Daniels clan has given to the musical organization, the electrified R&B that Daniels and his Kings play has meant they're not the sort of act to play his namesake, acoustic-minded room. That won't be the case for this show. Daniels and his royal court will be performing unplugged, stretching out over their two-decades-deep songbook in a low-volume fashion. It's a rare night of music from one of the city's more revered and long-lived acts, a show sure to reveal hidden gems in the band's crown. Ever wondered if a King can rule with soft touch? This show will answer that question.
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Marty Jones