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Ron Jeremy will be so proud. Dead Heaven Cowboys' tribute to the star appears on their first CD, Conversations in the Flood, which sees release Friday, April 19, at Herman's Hideaway. Since forming last year, the Cowboys have paid their dues in venues from Cricket on the Hill and the Soiled Dove to the Capitol Hill People's Fair, drawing in audiences with a vitriolic mélange of '80s-style hard rock, all chunky bass lines and strong guitar hooks. Though the band is still a relative newcomer, its members aren't: Frontman Chris Chamberlayne is the former leader of Dogs of Pleasure, while drummer Jim Strickler recently transferred from A Band Called Horse. That diversity of experience, combined with a raw, gritty stage presence, makes the Dead ones come alive on stage. Friday's show, part of an ongoing celebration of Hapi Skratch Records' seven-year anniversary, will include performances from fellow Skratch-heads Rexway, the Soul Thieves, and Love.45, whose own disc, Larger Than Life, comes out this month. Saddle up!
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Catalina Soltero
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