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The annual Kinfolk Celebration is showing signs of growth, as is the increasingly popular Yonder Mountain String Band, which founded it. Named for the group's rabidly wiggly fans, the camping-and-jamming event has moved from its old Boulder locale to the larger setting of Planet Bluegrass's event site in Lyons, where it will take place on Saturday, September 14. Those who follow the move will be rewarded with the sounds of extendo-grassers Single Malt Band and bluegrass-tradition bearers, Open Road. The String Band has decided to use Kinfolk as a CD-release party for its new release, Mountain Tracks: Vol. 2. The live disc shows the band picking across short and sweet originals and covers (including a Flat Irons-friendly take on Waylon and Willie's "Good Hearted Woman") as well as hyper-extended tunes by leader/mandolinist Jeff Austin. No matter what type of bluegrass you favor, the Kinfolk Festival event makes for a down-home way to celebrate both music and the end of the summer. Load up the Igloo, refill the Coleman -- don't forget to pack your instrument of choice -- and settle in to a seasonal farewell that both Jerry Garcia and Bill Monroe could love. For tickets and info, call 800-624-2422 or visit
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Marty Jones