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Wanna get "Defleshed"? Enjoy being "Covered in Maggots"? If you're in the mood for music that's raw and wriggling, Brutal Infliction has just the thing. Debuting new songs, including the two mentioned, the Brutes will also be showing off newest member MC Trip Crazy. Recruited to "add some extra groove to our death machine," the MC contributes his spinning and sampling skills on the latest tracks. A brisk blend of rap, nu-metal and death, Brutal Infliction delivers rhythms that make bones rattle. Vicious guitars and primal-thrust vocals contaminate the group's two full-length releases, and live performances have garnered the act a fierce following in the local heavy-music scene. Test your mettle for the metal this Friday, August 29, at the Ogden Theatre, as Brutal Infliction appears with Apathy (releasing its new CD, Broken), SIDhe and Switchpin. Let's all get Inflicted!
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Catalina Soltero
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