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Like the frightening creatures that haunt its songs, Moore is a monster that just won't die. Limbs -- er, members, that is -- have been hacked off, with replacements sewn on, sometimes only to be severed again. The current incarnation, though, seems stronger than ever. Brought to life in 1995, Moore fed on Denver's heavy-music scene, gaining followers for its early-Alice Cooper style, delivered complete with an elaborate and gruesome stage show. Despite playing packed houses and generating label interest, Moore staggered through its seventh year battered and wounded, till the only remainder was namesake and mouthpiece Jim Moore. But any horror fan knows that the beast is never really dead, and a reconstructed Moore is back on the hunt. Tracks on the upcoming CD, Bleed, give new life to the band's trademark sound; the scare-metal standards have been slashed with deep grooves, heavier riffs and angry vocals. Moore's modernized macabre is attracting fresh victims, expanding the hunt to L.A., where recent shows include a surprisingly successful stand at the Cat Club. As one of the haunts of Hellapalooza, Moore appears this Friday, September 26, at the Ogden Theatre, with Vox Demonna, Blindsight and the Prokrastinators. Go on; you're not afraid, are you?
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Catalina Soltero
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