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It's no surprise that Erica Brown once won a Tina Turner impersonation contest; her larger-than-life personality sets ablaze each stage she steps on. Sizzling, smoldering, Brown is hot, whether she's doing mainstream covers, classic country or avant-garde rock (Foreskin 500, Cherry Bomb Club and Ron Ivory are just a few of her previous projects). But it's the blues that she calls home, claiming to have been "hit upside the head" by the genre. Brown's bandmates -- bassist Rich Sallee, keboardist Jim Ayers, drummer Scotty Rivera and guitarist Marc Larson -- provide a solid foundation for this earthy Southern girl to belt the blues she was born to sing. Soul-packed numbers and passionate performances keep the band's dance card full, while Brown's zeal for entertaining and flashy costume changes makes each show unique. A new album, Rough Cut Stone, was delayed due to the deaths of two guitarists and surgery to remove cancer found on Brown's vocal cords, but, hey, surviving the rough times is what the blues is all about. For a taste of the real thing, let the Erica Brown Band light your fire at Brendan's this Thursday and Friday, October 30 and 31.
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Catalina Soltero
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