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If October Episode's music doesn't make an impact, its members can always use their imposing image -- part prison-yard muscle, part garish Gacy clown makeup -- to "persuade" listeners. Good thing Denver metal fans are already hooked on the band's steel-toed stomp to the head of contemporary nu-metal, especially since Episode's he-men are actually nice guys. The indigenous act has found firmer footing among more prodigious local groups, regularly playing larger venues such as the Ogden and Bluebird theaters. Episode's live attractions lie in a mercurial stage presence and intense delivery of Mudvayne-meets-Mr. Bungle sounds. Ominously seductive rhythms and sinuous melodies underlie resonant vocals in songs as enticing as they are nebulous. Catch the latest Episode this Saturday, January 3, at Castle Greyskull, uh, Radisson's Greystone (83 East 120th Avenue in Northglenn). You'll like them, if you know what's good for you.
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Catalina Soltero
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