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Hold off reading Monolith its last rites. The festival still has some life in it.

From the outside looking in, things still look incredibly grim for the Monolith Festival and its prospects for the future. Organizers set up a Kickstarter account a few weeks ago in response to an overwhelming outcry from fans, who offered to pitch in when word first leaked that the festival was in peril. You may have noticed that the established deadline for raising funds on has passed. "Funding Unsuccessful," screams the status update on the page in big, bold, black letters. "This project reached the deadline without achieving its funding goal 6 days ago." Indeed. At just under $3K pledged, the fund raising effort has fallen well short of the stated $38,000 goal. Nonetheless, all hope is not lost. As it turns out, festival director Josh Baker and his co-curator Matt Fecher wisely didn't pin their hopes -- and the future of the fest -- solely upon the funds generated by the Kickstarter account. Behind the scenes, Baker and company have been meeting with a number of parties discussing and negotiating arrangements for the festival to continue. Baker, whom we traded emails with earlier today, isn't ready to discuss any specific details yet, but from the sounds of it, last rites aren't quite in order for the fest just yet. Keep your fingers crossed.

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