Holiday rap roundup featuring Acezi, Myke Charles, Manifest, Vonny Loc and more

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Happy hip-hop holidays (try saying that three times fast)! As usual, we're keeping our eye on all things new in the hip-hop streets, and for this week's rap roundup, we've got everything you need: A Paul Junior-directed clip from Fresh Breath Committee's Myke Charles; a Phil the Agony-assisted joint from Manifest; new fire from Jericho Son Of None; a new video from Vonny Loc; and some rebel shit from Acezi. Click through to unwrap these gifts.

Manifest, a relative newcomer to the masses, has enlisted Phil the Agony to hold him down on the rhyme-slaying tip for the track "Break it Up." The production is raw, gritty, and sounds like it was recorded in a basement -- and that's a good thing. Manifest is good but not impressive with his verses, although he does it well against the beat. Phil the Agony is as proficient as ever on the microphone.

Jericho Son of None, Jonny Wu and PAAS really gave it their all on this Shadow of Mankind-produced joint. PAAS is most impressive with his warm flow right out the gate, flipping rhyme styles and riding the beat with ease. As for Jericho Son of None, he shines with the lyrics in his verses, but PAAS walks away with this joint.

Vonny Loc, a fresh-faced young'un making splashes in the scene, has released a video for his single "In Me." Loc is more rhythmic flow than anything, as he takes you on a journey through his 'hood (Crown BLVD, stand up!), flashes money stacks and rhymes about where he's from and where he's been. The clip is directed and edited by 8ight the Sk8.

Acezi brings together a slew of folks (Stero Lion, Julie Zorilla, Big House, Bianca Mikahn) for his Spanish guitar, haunting vocals-infused joint "Sands." Pretty much everyone raps their faces all the way off. Julie Zorilla croons in Spanish with perfect pitch, and Acezi leads the way down a path of righteous rhymes and rebel lyrics. Awesome.

Myke Charles gets intense in this moving picture for "Plan B," directed by his Fresh Breath Committee bandmate Paul Junior. Myke shows off his acting chops, spitting both blood and rhymes on this epitome of "if rap doesn't work out" track. It's not only convincing, but the lyrics are sound and the beat is fantastic.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.