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Houses is looking for a new keyboard player

Do you play keyboard and love AM gold? Want to join one of Denver's more promising bands and immediately start playing for grateful crowds that sing along with your choruses? Then you should email Andy Hamilton, because Houses is looking for you.

Eric Peterson, the band's current keys player, is leaving the band effective March or whenever a suitable replacement is found. The split's amicable -- Peterson is withdrawing from his other musical projects as well. "I just haven't been excited about music for a while, at least a year, maybe two," he says. "But I'd like to get excited about music again; so in order to do that, I've set some rules for myself and one of them means no more bands."

Frontman Hamilton is feeling pretty Zen about the situation. "We're sad to see him go," he says, "but his heart isn't in it now. So for all of us, it's the best decision."

Don't underestimate the opportunity here. Houses is a great band and there are plenty of people noticing at the moment. For more on what it's like to be the keyboard player of Houses, we return to Eric Peterson, who offers this primer:

Houses is a lot of fun. It's unlike any band I've played in, at the very least stylistically, but also in terms of my bandmates. Anyone who wants to join Houses should probably have an affinity for '70s rock and roll. Dexterity to cover organ and wurly parts simultaneously is a must and occasional harmonies are highly desirable.

Other than the long hair and beards, candidates can expect some of the following: one band member has a drunk alter-ego known only as "Tickles" (which should be fairly self explanatory), though you should only expect that on tour; at least three of your future bandmates will have no problem making the Steak'n'Shake mistake at least once on the road (it's up to you whether or not you want to prevent, encourage, or partake in said mistake). Other than that, you can expect the usual band stuff. Drinks will be had, smokes will be bummed, and you'll get to play great songs in front of great crowds.

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