How awesome is it to play an opening set at Film on the Rocks?

Film on the Rocks kicked off its fifteenth season on Tuesday with a screening of Caddyshack. As at all of these, a couple Colorado bands played opening sets. We won't make you wait for a verdict: It is spectacularly awesome to have one of those spots.

There are down sides. As with anything where you're not the reason people bought tickets, the crowd isn't necessarily attentive. And you probably don't get the long set-up and tinkering check, so the sound isn't the most crystalline. What else? There have to be other things that aren't great about it, right? Right??

But look at that photo taken during Ark Life's performance. Whatever the other problems are, I suspect they are dwarfed completely by standing on the stage at Red Rocks, looking out at 8,000 people and playing songs you wrote. This isn't a revelation, of course, but we were struck on Tuesday by how much fun the whole enterprise is. This isn't a complicated argument, so let's just let Brandon Marshall's excellent photography compel you.

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